About Us

My passion for antiques started long ago with a long family history of collecting cool, old things. After years of collecting, I became an auctioneer of antiques and collectibles, helping others build their collections. Years later, I found myself making a huge reclaimed wood chandelier for a friend, with 32 vintage mason jars hanging in beautiful, bright glory. Before long, I had requests for other lights, especially the industrial age style lights and other vintage styles. I found a new way to share my passion for antique items. Each light is custom handmade by my 2 hands. My wife helps design the lights, and I figure out how to make her ideas come to life!

Look around my site. I’m sure you’ll find something that makes you smile 😉

If you have a custom idea, let us know. We have lots of antiques and other specialty items to make custom lighting for your home.